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"A game with half of the attention to detail and imagination Antichamber has would be a smash hit - this bare-bones first-person puzzler is one of the most thought-provoking, engaging, and challenging video games ever developed."

James Pikover, GamesBeat

"Antichamber's puzzles exist in an environment where the laws of nature don't apply, allowing players to think in ways that reality doesn't require."

Jeff Marchiafava, Game Informer

"If I could display some of my favorite digital puzzle games on a shelf, I'd put Antichamber next to the Portal series."

Anthony Gallegos, IGN

"Antichamber is all about the harmless subversion of rules you don't realize you're being taught. Often, it isn't until after you recall one of Antichamber's lessons that you realize you've been taught it in the first place."

Griffin McElroy, Polygon

"It's a hard game to describe without giving away its charms, but it's rare to play anything that asks you to start from scratch in terms of what you know about the world."

Ben Kuchera, Penny Arcade

"There are moments in Antichamber that remain with you long after you've uncovered your last clue and solved your last puzzle."

Mark Walton, GameSpot

"Antichamber is many things, all at once. It's unique, surprising, lovingly crafted, and gorgeous. It is not conventional, straightforward, or ordinary."

Patrick Hancock, Destructoid

"Antichamber's mindbending puzzles force you to learn the rules of an unfamiliar world and it makes for an exciting and thought-provoking time."

Jeff Gerstmann, Giant Bomb

"Antichamber's free-flowing cyclical nature, dotted with secrets and shortcuts, sets it apart from the Portal's procedural mad science with a world equal parts savage math and life affirming aphorisms."

Ryan Stevens, GameTrailers

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